MNA-PAC Board of Trustees

mnapaclogoThe Michigan Nurses Association-Political Action Committee (MNA-PAC) endorses political candidates, makes contributions to political campaigns (from designated funds), and educates nurses about political action. MNA-PAC is governed by a Board of Trustees.


John Armelagos, RN, Board Liaison
Mary Baker, RN

Becky Baldwin, RN
Ray Bourgeois, RN
Jeff Breslin, RN
Kelly Brunk, RN, Vice Chair
Renee Curtis, RN
Carolyn Hietamaki, RN, Chair
Kris Michaelson, RN, Treasurer
Bette O’Connor-Rogers, RN, Secretary
Heather Roe, RN, CLPP Liaison

Want to serve on the MNA PAC Board? Go here for information and a bio and consent form.