Nurses at Tenet DMC Huron Valley – Sinai Hospital form their Union

Contact: Sara Wallenfang at 517-974-4966

RNs overwhelmingly voted to be represented by the Michigan Nurses Association

(Commerce Township, MI) More than 350 nurses at Tenet DMC Huron Valley – Sinai Hospital have won the right to form their union. Over the course of a two day election conducted by the National Labor Relations Board on March 15 and 16, RNs overwhelmingly voted for representation from the Michigan Nurses Association.

“This is all about our patients. As a union, we will have one strong voice to advocate for safer staffing levels,” said Kathy Lehman, RN. “I want my coworkers to know that our union is for all Huron Valley nurses. I hope everyone participates as we head into negotiations.”

“I got involved with the union organizing campaign because other nurses invited me to a meeting. I have worked at this hospital for 18 years, and I wanted to make sure that nurses are listened to and valued as professionals,” Jeanie Kindermann, RN. “With a union, we will be able to negotiate for the benefits needed to attract and retain highly-qualified nurses. When RNs are treated fairly, patients and management win as well.”

“I am proud that we stood up to Tenet’s union-busting,” said Ann Kastelen, RN. “I was a little nervous as the votes began to be counted last night, but I never really doubted that nurses would come together to have a say in safe, high-quality patient care.”

The newly unionized RNs will move quickly to elect nurse-leaders to their negotiations team and look forward to bargaining in good faith with Tenet DMC management towards a first contract.

Huron Valley RNs are not alone in seeking out a voice for their profession and their patients. The Michigan Nurses Association represents over 11,000 nurses across the state and receives frequent requests from nurses interested in forming a union.


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