Nurses March!

Nurses March! – March 22, 2017

It’s time to stop taking care of too many patients at once. It’s time for nurses to stop wondering what was forgotten after the shift ends. It’s time for new nurses and seasoned veterans to stop fleeing the profession stating, “I’ve had enough.” It’s time for nurses to stand up and advocate for change – change that benefits patients and nurses alike.

This year’s Michigan Nurse MARCH! inspired, educated, and motivated nurses and nursing students to boldly state, “I’ve had enough and I’m rallying for change.” Attendees received the tools and information they need to effectively advocate for their practice with legislators, administrators and the public.

When Nurses Have Had Enough: Advocating for CHANGE

Keynote Speaker – Renée Branch Canady, PhD, has served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Michigan Public Health Institute since 2014. A nationally recognized thought leader in health disparities and inequities, cultural competence, and social justice, her focus includes successfully building relationships, inspiring others to leadership, and strategizing effectively for the future.

Dr. Canady’s PowerPoint presentation at the 2017 Nurses MARCH!