MNA Legislative Action Center

Nurses’ voices are essential to help shape public policy that affects us, our practice, our patients and our communities. Use this legislative action center to send a quick email to your legislators about any or all of these bills:

Michigan legislation: Safe Patient Care Act

The Michigan Nurses Association’s bipartisan Safe Patient Care Act would require hospitals to follow safe patient assignments at all times; prohibit excessive mandatory overtime except in certain circumstances; and make hospitals disclose their actual RN-to-patient ratios. Click here to email the committee chair to ask for a hearing.

Michigan legislation: Workplace Violence Prevention

MNA worked with legislators to introduce a bipartisan bill that would require hospitals and other healthcare settings to take proactive steps to prevent violence against nurses and other healthcare workers. Send an email here to push for the next step.

Federal legislation: Safe RN-to-patient ratios

We all know that safe RN-to-patient ratios don’t just improve care – they save lives. HR 2581/S 1357, the Nurse Staffing Standards for Hospital Patient Safety and Quality Care Act, will require safe patient assignments by hospital unit at all times. Click here to email your federal legislators.

Federal legislation: Preventing workplace violence

HR 1309, the Workplace Violence Prevention for Health Care and Social Services Act, will help stop nurses and other healthcare workers from being assaulted on the job. Click here to email your federal legislators.

Federal legislation: Medicare for All

Expanding and improving Medicare will fix our country’s broken health care system. With Medicare for All (HR 1384/S 1129), everyone will have access to high-quality health care. Click here to email your federal legislators.