They Say: Give Back. We Say: Fight Back!

At today’s negotiation sessions, management continued its assault on our union demanding unnecessary concessions in numerous areas.

Wages (Article 27)
The administration has made several proposals to freeze our wage scale, and only offered small “one time” lump sum payments to nurses at the top of the scale. This is unacceptable to us since base wages won’t change. This proposal does nothing to address our chronic problems with recruitment and retention and our need to remain competitive with neighboring hospitals.

Insurance (Article 28)
The administration is persisting with “takeaway” proposals that would remove guarantees protecting us from major changes to our full benefits package and insurance costs.

Incentive Pay (Article 27, Section 17)
The administration wants to eliminate guaranteed incentive pay and establish their unilateral right to create or dissolve incentive programs as they see fit.

Lunch Breaks (Article 15, B)
The administration is not backing down from requiring nurses to get approval for working through lunch or face discipline.

PTO Guarantees (Article 25, Section II #7)
The administration is also not backing off from wanting to remove our guarantees of how many nurses can be on PTO in each department on each shift. Without this important language, it would be extremely difficult to get approved time off.

Previous Agreements
The administration wants to “wipe the slate clean” of previously agreed to Letters of Understanding and past practices that they can’t find written copies of. We won’t agree to deleting these protections and are researching our paperwork to keep these intact.

We Won’t Back Down!

Check for online updates and other news as it happens. Stay united, stay tuned, and stay #UnionStrong.